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The generic name for the ingredient in Dramamine is Dimenhydrinate HCI. West Marine and most marine stores have this as well has most pharmacies. The cost is about $6 for 8 tablets.

Meclizine is available under the trade name of "Bonine" and is normally sold at the same places where you buy Dramamine. Packages of 8 tablets generally cost about $6.

A source for bottles of 100 generic (about $6)
Chewable Meclizine Hydrocloride Tablets - NDC 0536-3990-01, Prod. # 003-9905 from:

Rugby Laboratories. You can order this through your local pharmacy , just give them the code number(s) above).

VitaMotion-S (oral spray), Dimenhydrinate with ginger and vitamin B6. $20. KarMor Pharm. Lab . 2401 S. 24th Street. Phoenix, AZ 85034.

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Material about "Stugeron" is in the link page above.

Note: the  Scopolamine patches require a prescription and are expensive. The other drugs I have recommended are available without a prescription. Scopolamine is about $70 for a dozen, at wholesale. The retail pharmacies are about $10 and up each patch. Scopolamine is available in tablets and a gel, see the links above. All of this is expensive.

Ginger is a whole story unto itself. Ginger is available in soft drinks, cookies, etc. Also see the links above for medical studies involving Ginger.

Recently I have seen ads for an electronic device .

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