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THE Seasickness Web Site in the UK  contains over 100 abstracts of Medical Studies of Seasickness

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Dr. Gahlinger's Seasickness - Another excellent page.
Little Green Book of Seasickness  
Seasickness Studies about Ginger

OnHealth: Ginger

Physicians Desk Reference  This site has a lot of info about medications. It is not a complete compendium of medicines.

Comparison of Dramamine & Marezin

Capt. Mike's Favorite Link sites  (USCG, Oil Spills, EPIRBS, Survival Suits, .GPS, Charts, etc).

Diving and Seasickness
Marine Medical, Seasickness Treatment & Prevention

Links to pages with product for sale.

(There is no implied endorsement. In fact most of this stuff I would not touch. But here they are).
Efficacy of acupressure and band type devices, a study by Miller, Muth.

A quote from the Miller, Muth study: "Neither band nor placebo prevented the development of motion sickness, regardless of whether the bands were used correctly or incorrectly."

Electronic Wrist Bands (ReliefBand Device)
Electric Wrist Bands (Pilot's Discount Store)
Queaz-Away Wrist Bands, by Davis

These Scopolamine products require a prescription from your doctor.

Scopolamine Tablets,Gel,Liquid

Stugeron is a trade name, main ingredient Cinnarizine.
Below are info pages and sources for it. The drug has not been thoroughly tested and should be considered to have severe side effects. It is not available in the US, because of this.Outside the US I think it is available OTC.

Stugeron Technical Sheet, South African Site (no https)
Informed Drugs Org.
Avalon Pharmacy.

I have dug around in dogpile.com searching on: "SEASICKNESS", "MOTION SICKNESS", "MECLIZINE" and "STUGERON". There are hundreds of listings. I have tried to include the ones I thought were important, not because I could endorse them but because their information was a real contribution to the subject. Most of what is out there is "Rubbish".

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