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About 15 years Electronic Research Devices in Portland Oregon developed an electric stimulation device for relieving pain. My dad has used one of these things for all these years for lower back pain and it helps him immensely. I have not tried his machine for curing or preventing seasickness.

About 2 years some other company came out with a similar device targeted at seasickness. I do not understand whether it is intended to prevent or to cure. In any event they only claim about a 70% rate and that isn't much better than the bands around-the-wrist folks claim.

As a practical matter I am quite dubious of the electric device. The major reason is that 70% is nowhere good enough. Maybe I should bring one along and try it when my system fails. However, it has failed only once in the past five years and that individual may have had the flu.

The electric devices work by blocking the nerve pulses near the site where the device is attached. I fail to understand why blocking the impulses in the wrist should be of benefit. I have 40 years experience with seasickness and am convinced that it is not all in your head or in your wrist. But if it was in your wrist, I admit that it might work.

You can hardly imagine what I think of quack medicine cures, especially if they are not free.

The best analysis I have seen on this subject used to be at an external web site: SailorDocs Seasick Page. I removed the link as it does not work anymore. See the Miller/Muth study.

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