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This information is provided to you, for free, by Captain Mike Maurice's Yacht Delivery Service.
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I have made an effort to make this the best, most interesting Seasickness web site in the world! During the course of 35 years making many deliveries up and down the US West Coast and other places, I slowly found the tricks to use, to prevent people from becoming sick and to cure those already so. The popular press articles and books and the instructions included with the commonly used medications are incorrect and if followed will result in many people needlessly becoming seasick. And in most cases they do not have a way to cure those who have become seasick. My method does not involve anything which requires a prescription and can be used on very young children as well as the elderly, with a few precautions.

In summary, chewable Dramamine or Meclizine, if chewed but not swallowed and then dissolved in the mouth, will be absorbed into the lining of the mouth and thence into the blood stream. It would appear from some reports that I have received that some Pharmacists and even some Medical Doctors have been telling people that Dramamine or Meclizine will not be absorbed in the mouth. See this link for reference to a clinical study   which proves this is not so. Unless the medication makes it into the bloodstream there will be no effect. Pills swallowed, will often not get into the blood, because they never get out of the stomach and into the small intestine, where they can be absorbed. This technique will effect a cure in most victims. The other mistake in the literature is that it takes 2 full hours for the medication to reach maximum effectiveness, 1/2 hour or an hour as often suggested, will often not work.
See the link above about the "clinical study" for details about the amount of time required. The study demonstrates that maximum effect occurs in 2.3 to 2.6 hours.

Detailed explanation, dosages, sources of medication and methods for adults and children are on subsequent pages . This information is offered to you FREE of charge, use it at your own discretion. I have found it to be a very effective.

Here are links to other web sites, these sites include those of drug and device manufactures and recommended information sites .

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