Stubborn Cases of Seasickness
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I have read a report recently that indicates that the "ultimate weapon" against seasickness may be a combination of Scopolamine, Dimenhydrinate and Compazine. ( I presently have no info on Compazine on this site.)

I have no additional information: details, dosages or method of administration. If anyone has such information or references to such please e-mail:

If you have a stubborn case of seasickness that does not cure with the suggestions you have tried so far. Take a look at the (external link) Comparison of Dramamine and Marezine. Note the comment that these two agents act to prevent seasickness in 2 entirely different ways.

A careful reading of the drugs that might be used in stubborn cases of seasickness, would make one conclude that most any solution that might work involves drugs which are prescription only. For instance the reference to Compazine above. The information sheets on it are full of warnings. It is a very powerful and potentially lethal drug. It should be only taken under a doctor's supervision. That said, you may want to refer your physician to this site in order that they may more quickly find reference materials that would help them choose drugs for you to try.

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