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I have had trouble treating children and have stumbled about trying to figure out how to manage getting them cured, once they have gotten seasick. In the summer of 2000 we had an 8 year old boy aboard an 80 foot cruiser who got seasick while fishing while over Stonewall Bank off the Oregon Coast.

He had not taken anything before getting underway. I gave him 1/2 tablet of chewable Dramamine and before long he tossed that up. He would not take any more and was getting quite sick. Finally after some questioning I found out that he thought the medicine had MADE him sick. And to compound the problem, he had either misunderstood or ignored the instructions to chew but NOT SWALLOW the medicine.

I explained to him that the pill did not make him sick. That when he swallowed the pill instead of dissolving it in his mouth that it went into his stomach. That because the pyloric valve at the bottom of his stomach was closed because he was near vomiting, the pill was never absorbed. That the pill has to be absorbed into the blood stream to do any good. That if you swallow the pill then the only way it will be absorbed is if it makes it into the small intestine, which lies beyond the pyloric valve.

I told him that he should trust me in this and that if he would try another 1/2 pill, that shortly he would feel better. He did as I suggested and within 45 minutes was his usual, useless self. There doesn't seem to be any half way stage with kids.

I hope this story will be of some use to you. This method works, I have used it many times over the last few years and only 1 person has failed to come around. That is over a 98% success rate.

If there is any important point in this particular story, it's that it is hard to get humans to trust things they don't understand; can't see or hardly imagine. Trust me on this. If you follow the suggestions almost everyone will snap out of it.

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