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Here lies the grave of seasickness. Come hither and I will instruct you in the method to slay the dragon.

Forget everything you have heard about this subject. I don't allow seasickness aboard my ships. I don't have people who are seasick, period. Anyone who gets seasick, gets fed to the sharks. After they have been fed to the sharks a few times, they don't get sick again. Seriously, seasickness is very rare in my operation.

When I ran charter fishing boats out of Columbia River during the 60's I saw more seasickness than you can almost imagine. Sometimes the entire boat was sick, save me.

Here therefore are my opinionated opinions.

  1. Anyone can get seasick. There are absolutely no exceptions to this.
  2. The more sea time you have the less tendency to get sick.
  3. Given the right combination of motion, fatigue, ???, anyone can get seasick.
  4. Change boats (roll, pitch, etc.), you may get sick.
  5. Bands, ropes, etc., tied around the wrists, neck, legs will not prevent seasickness.
  6. Maybe the neck !?
  7. Digestive tract upsets can trigger off seasickness.

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