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It might help your understanding of this seasickness business if I point out a few things about the history of this subject.
Everybody knows about seasickness, right? Well, maybe not. There are more remedies than you can count. They fall into several categories.
1. The really weird.
2. The expensive
3. The psychological.
4. The mind over matter methods.
5. The high tech.

And there are probably more that I have not thought of.

I don't have much use for solutions that are expensive. Especially if they don't work.
I have tried all of the "mind over matter" stuff. It helps. But that's about it.

Now for the paranoid perspective. You know the old stories about the oil companies that bought up the carburetor that would give a 100 miles to the gallon, stories from the 1950's? Nobody takes that story seriously anymore. So... the reason you haven't heard about this trick of mine for curing seasickness, is because there isn't any "big bucks" in it.

You think about all the advertising you see, telling you about the latest high-tech solution to seasickness. But notice real careful, what these solutions costs. The patches are real expensive, so is the electronic device. Now my solution costs about 5 cents per person and it has worked about 95% of the time. Notice what these other solutions claim in the way of preventing or curing seasickness.

Now, maybe you are thinking, what's in it for me? Well now, let's just say, that I get my satisfaction from knowing that folks aren't getting sick anymore. And maybe the next time you cure yourself or some friend, you'll think kindly of me.

By the way, I have sent letters to many of the boating magazine about curing seasickness and have been bluntly ignored. If this works for you, write them letters and ask them why they have not publicized this development. They could use a little embarrassment.



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