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I am interested in feedback. My objective with this site is to stamp out seasickness. If you provide feedback and I reply, then perhaps I can identify the mistakes that people make in using my method or for that matter, other methods which I have not tried.
In other words, if you have had trouble with seasickness, and you have tried my method and it failed to work, send me details about the incident. I plan to use this feedback to improve the frequently asked questions section and to rewrite the other materials. This process of improvement will continue until the material presented is complete enough that most people will be able to find the answers to any aspect of seasickness, here on, or thru links on this site.

I have no preconceived notions that seasickness can only be cured one way. I am mearly interested in creating and moderating a web site where, the best information on seasickness can be debated and presented.

For instance, one of the recent feedback messages indicated that a combination of Scopolamine, Dimenhydrinate and Compazine, may be the ultimate weapon (as if there was such a thing) for combating seasickness. Standby for further developments, dosages and cautions for this method.

I have created a form which you can fill out to provide feedback.

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